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 New Release: Sara's Song

What's up yall? Welcome to my official website. I am Lessy'B and I reside in Enterprise, Al. by way of Chapel Hill, NC. (Tar Heels) I have just published my debut novel "Sara's Song" and its awesome. If you like the twists and turns of drama, suspense, and romance, this is definitely the book for you. It's a bittersweet story that will make you laugh, but it may also make you cry. Here, check out the synopsis:

Sara Johnson grows up on a country dirt road in NC where she was verbally and physically abused. When she graduates from high school, she chooses a career that will take her away from the painful memories that plague her, but she meets and falls for  handsome Jacob Thompson and because of one bad decision, her life is changed forever.

Jacob promises to be her protector and provider, only to ultimately turn in to the things that she is so desperately seeking refuge from. Sara’s situation seems hopeless. Finally, she gathers enough strength to leave and pursue the career she sacrificed so many years before.

When she finally gives Jacob the boot, she is able to start living the life she has wanted to live so long ago, however, because she can’t mentally escape the pain from her past, she closes her heart to love until she meets charming, irresistible and ever so compassionate Mike Colon. Things are going well until life takes yet another turn. Take the journey with Sara and hear her song. 

Buy now and get an autographed copy; or you can buy a copy from any preferred online bookstore. Happy reading and thank you for stopping by!

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